Hitachi- from the country that brought the world Fukushima

Hitachi- from the country that brought the world Fukushima
We feel very sad for the people of Japan who want to end nuclear energy whilst a potential new government and big business are desperate for it

No Fukushima at Oldbury

No to Fukushima at Shepperdine!

No to Fukushima at Shepperdine!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Latest News - Our chairman is stuck abroad but dont worry SANE works on

You may have noticed the blog has been somewhat quiet for a week. This is because our Chairman went away on a business trip last week to China just before the Volcanic Ash cloud hit the UK and has been stuck in China ever since, unable to google or access the blog.

Rest assured SANE is still working in the back ground and the normal blog service should be resumed early next week when Reg returns.

We are delighted to see that Eon / RWE / Horizon have recognised the problems with their proposals for Shepperdine, Oldbury and have therefore delayed their IPC application for this site until 2014. This has at last now formally been confirmed on the IPC website.

We are working on our response to their comments on the responses received during their consultation before Christmas and hope to publish this in the next few weeks.

We are now planning our post election strategy for the next government. Our aim being to ensure that Shepperdine is removed from the National Policy Statement prior to designation. We assume this will be debated in parliament after the election, as was recommended by the Parliamentary Scrutiny Report on the NPS last month. It is vital that the views expressed by our group and individuals in the area together with those expressed by the local parish councils and South Glos Council during the DECC consultation earlier this year are properly taken into account by the next government before the NPS is designated. We will therefore do all we can to ensure that the next government are aware of these views and therefore recognise that the site is totally unsuitable for this massive scale proposal.

Keep watching this space for further news and updates.

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