Hitachi- from the country that brought the world Fukushima

Hitachi- from the country that brought the world Fukushima
We feel very sad for the people of Japan who want to end nuclear energy whilst a potential new government and big business are desperate for it

No Fukushima at Oldbury

No to Fukushima at Shepperdine!

No to Fukushima at Shepperdine!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Chris Huhne's Blog Three Short Years Ago----What has changed?

Nuclear Power Not Needed to Meet Climate Targets – Huhne

Monday 5 November 2007
Chris Huhne has backed a new report “80% Challenge: delivering a low-carbon UK” by the Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr), WWF and the RSPB which says the UK can cut its CO2 emissions by 80 per cent by 2050.
The report says that the Government’s current target of 60 per cent cuts in CO2 emissions by 2050 is inadequate because it is based on out-dated science and excludes the UK‘s share of emissions from international aviation.
Commenting, Liberal Democrat Shadow Environment Secretary, Chris Huhne MP said:
“This report is just the latest to show that an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 is not just necessary, but highly feasible. The Government’s 60% target is unambitious and inadequate.
“An 80% target can be met through wind, wave and tidal power together with the use of carbon capture and storage technology.
“Ministers must stop the side-show of new nuclear power stations now. Nuclear is a tried, tested and failed technology and the Government must stop putting time, effort and subsidies into reviving this outdated industry.
“The nuclear industry’s key skill over the past half-century has not been generating electricity, but extracting lashings of taxpayers’ money.”

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  1. Huhne has zero integrity. Power corrupts - I suspect that he has done some kind of deal with the Nuclear Industry.


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