Hitachi- from the country that brought the world Fukushima

Hitachi- from the country that brought the world Fukushima
We feel very sad for the people of Japan who want to end nuclear energy whilst a potential new government and big business are desperate for it

No Fukushima at Oldbury

No to Fukushima at Shepperdine!

No to Fukushima at Shepperdine!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Chris Huhne's view on nuclear!

Energy efficiency not nuclear is the answer to energy needs

Tuesday 9 May 2006

Speaking at the Associate Parliamentary Renewable And Sustainable Energy Group (PRASEG) today, Liberal Democrat Shadow Environment Secretary, Chris Huhne MP said:
“Becoming energy efficient presents a clear challenge to Government, business, and the individual. We need to turn our full attention to the end user in the domestic sector who has been driving the overall increase in CO2 emissions in the UK.
“Overall energy usage is increasing at 0.7% per year, with a 1.5 % a year increase in electricity demand. But reducing use and increasing efficiency is one of the most cost-effective ways of meeting the problem.
“Part of the answer may ultimately be regulation, some of which will, under single market rules, have to be at EU level.
“Beyond energy saving, we need to encourage those technologies that either sharply reduce or eliminate carbon emissions. Tidal and wave power, solar power, geothermal power and biomass are all likely to have a role to play.
“No private sector investor has built a nuclear power station anywhere in the world without lashings of government subsidy since Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. The World Bank refuses to lend on nuclear projects because of the long history of overruns.
“Our message is clear, No to nuclear, as it is not a short cut, but a dead end. Yes to energy saving, yes to renewables, and yes to a sustainable energy future.”

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