Hitachi- from the country that brought the world Fukushima

Hitachi- from the country that brought the world Fukushima
We feel very sad for the people of Japan who want to end nuclear energy whilst a potential new government and big business are desperate for it

No Fukushima at Oldbury

No to Fukushima at Shepperdine!

No to Fukushima at Shepperdine!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Tony Benn advises this government not to believe a word we are told by the Nuclear Industry

For those who missed todays politics show do take a look on the bbc website at   The section from The West Country starts at about 40 minutes into the progamme

They feature a very brief clipped version of an interview with Reg Illingworth by Paul Baltrop.,the political editor for the BBC in the West of England

They also featured a few seconds from Tidy Tim Proudler showing of Horizons new offices in Gloucester---His words would have been closely scrutinised by his PR Guru Leon Plexman

It also featured a studio discussion which was pretty pathetic...suggesting new nuclear is going on all over Europe. As we all know there are two potential Areva EPR reactors being built in more...Olkiluoto and Flammanville....

We also all know that Eon and RWE have formed Horizon for the UK because new nuclear can not be built in their home country of Germany due in large part to evidence in the KiKK study about childhood cancers and leukaemias being evident close to all nuclear establishments in Germany...including, Eon and RWE plants.

 A big step forward in our fight against this blight was the appearance on the show of Tony Benn, who was responsible for the construction of nuclear power stations by the government in the 1960s and opened Oldbury Power Station!

 In the interview Tony Benn openly admitted that it was a mistake to go nuclear in this country. He talks of the huge problem of dealing with the waste which has still not been resolved and the lessons he has learned. In particular he says the main lesson he learned from it all is "you cant believe a word that you are told by the Nuclear Industry".---This from a man who used to claim that nuclear would give us "electricity too cheap to meter"

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  1. Never thought I would ever say well said to Tony Benn, but he has gained my admiration for admitting the errors of this country's legacy of n-power at a time when this country needs to learn from this lesson and STOP listening to the greedy lying nuclear giants. Lets hope they wake up before we leave an even larger nightmare legacy for future generations to come. Do Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg really want to be saying the same thing as Tony Benn when they are in their 80s?


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